• - No shoes to be worn on the gym floor.
  • - No food or drink outside the snack area (drinks for gymnasts to be in bottles and placed on the drink shelf in gym only)
  • - Gymnasts are not allowed on the gym floor or on the equipment, unless the class is called and there is a coach to supervise.
  • - The exit from the gym after class is via the corridor near the changing room, to smooth transition between classes and ease congestion in the building.
  • - No jewellery to be worn.
  • - No skirted leotards, zips, buckles, or belts. Any gymnast above recreational must be wearing leotard/shorts, or suitable fitting clothing.
  • - All gymnasts must be affiliated to British Gymnastics.
  • - Gymnasts must not play on the equipment unless instructed by a coach.
  • - No bad behavior or disrespect will be tolerated.
  • - No swearing allowed in the gym.
  • - Criticizing other gymnasts is not tolerated. Support other gymnasts to do their best. Celebrate everyone’s success.
  • - Children misbehaving, creating a distraction or being a risk to other students will be asked to sit out. Three times in a session and their parents will be contacted, if misbehavior continues, you will be asked to withdraw your child from their class.