Out of this world at the Galaxy competition!

17 May 2022|Competition

Our gymnasts went to compete at the lovely Galaxy competition held at Fenland Gymnastics Academy in Wisbech. 

They have all worked hard for this competition, and a few have competed in new skills. 

All gymnasts represented themselves and their club perfectly, and we are proud of every single one of you. 

We would like to thank Coach Mihaela for your support all weekend and Coach Megan for your support on Sunday. 


1st Round:


Helena: Gold on Beam

Remy: Silver on Vault & Beam. Gold on Floor. Gold overall


Emilia: Gold on Beam. Bronze overall. 

Violet: Bronze on Vault. Silver on floor

2nd Round :


Victoria: 2 Gold on Vault & Bars. Silver on Beam. Bronze on the floor. Silver overall.

3rd Round:


Alexa: Silver on Vault. Bronze on Bars.

Ava: Silver on Beam. Bronze on the Floor.

Vivienne: Silver on Vault


1st Round:


Louise: Bronze on Bars. Gold on Beam. Silver on the floor. Silver overall.

2nd Round:


Isabella: Gold on Beam. Silver on Floor

Sophie: Bronze on Beam.

Giselle: Gold on Vault. Silver on Beam and Floor. Silver overall.

3rd Round:


Kally: Silver on Vault and Beam. Bronze on the floor. Gold on bars and Silver overall.

Kay: Gold on all four pieces and Gold overall

Sandra: Silver on Bars and Floor. Gold on Beam and Silver overall.

Angelica: Bronze on Bars and Floor