• Overview

    This policy document outlines the acceptable use of photography and other recording devices with children under the age of 18 years within activities at Phoenix gymnastics academy.
    While it is not the intention of the club or British Gymnastics to prevent parents/carers from taking pictures/recordings of their children, the use of photography and other media recordings poses a potential risk to the safety of our members and therefore certain safeguards must be adhered to.
    All members, coaches, parents/carers and club officials must be proactive in preventing the appropriate use of photography within the club.
    Acceptable use – parents/carers
    Photographs and videos must not capture other children within the frame of view.
    Simultaneous live streaming or images/videos is forbidden.
    Parents must give their consent for photographs to be taken and used for club purposes.
    Parents must sign the photography consent form which is part of the welcome pack.
    Acceptable use – coaches/officials
    Photographs and video recordings of children may be used as a training aid if deleted immediately after use in the presence of another coach or welfare officer.
    Images must not be stored or removed for personal use.
    Consent must be first obtained before taking photographs or recordings of children or vulnerable adults.
    If images are used for club or promotional purposes, they must not be presented in a way that easily identifies the child(ren) and should be appropriate in nature.
    For press purposes first names only are to be used, if referring to a published images.
    Members should be photographed fully clothed wherever possible and not easily identified on public mediums.
    Images or recordings must never appear to focus on the groin area in movements where the legs are split or exposed position.
    Any inappropriate images taken within the club must be reported immediately to the welfare officer and to British Gymnastics and police if required.
    More information
    Can be found on page 30 of the British Gymnastics safeguarding and protecting children policy or from the welfare officer.