• Overview

    The documents relates to officials aged 17 and above who transport members under the age of 18 to training, events, competitions or courses etc. The policy does not apply to parent officials who transport their own children.

    Best practice

    It is not the responsibility of the coach to provide transport to members for training and events . Parents/carers are encouraged to take responsibility for the transport of their children and share journeys with other members where possible.

    Acceptable conducts

    If coaches or officials age 17 and above are required to transport a group of members, Phoenix Gymnastics Academy require that at least two responsible adults be present in the vehicle.
    If, in exceptional circumstances, another adult is not available, the following conditions must be satisfied for transporting more than one member:
    The driver must ensure that there are central pickups and drop off points, ensuring they are never alone with a child.
    The driver must provide parents/carers with full details of the destination, arrival and departure times and any planned breaks on route.
    Members must be seated in the back of the car with booster seats if required.
    The club welfare officer should be made aware of the arrangements and written permission from parents/carers sought before transporting members.


    In unforeseen emergency circumstances, an official may transport a child on their own. Such circumstances are only warranted if failure to do so would out the child at risk of harm. Wherever possible the child’s Parents/carers and club welfare officer should be informed as soon as possible.

    More information

    Can be found on page 53 of the British Gymnastics safeguarding and protecting children policy or from the welfare officer.