What should my gymnast wear & bring?


Clothing is really important in gymnastics. Safety must come first. Please make sure that your gymnast comes wearing close fitting clothes that cannot flap around your gymnast's face, arms and leg's while they are moving, and with no ties and additions that can get caught on equipment. A hoody is a great example- of what not to wear the hood flaps about, and they usually have strings.

Leotards and crop top outfits that are strappy can also pose a risk to both the coach and gymnast, so even though they look beautiful- we don't like to see them in the gym.

Squad members are expected to wear leotards every session.  Shorts are allowed.

Please also make sure that they are not wearing jewellery for the same reason.

We love body positivity in our gym, and never want your gymnast to feel uncomfortable, so for those that choose to wear leotards- we welcome shorts and leggings. 

Being Prepared

Absolutely essential for every visit to the gym is a full water bottle. We would encourage a larger bottle if your gymnast trains for longer. 

Please make sure that your gymnast is eating enough for the level of activity they are doing- some of them have P.E and other activities on their training days too! 

The gym does not provide chalk to use during classes, and it's unfair for gymnasts to use other gymnasts chalk. There are different types out there- but whether it's liquid or powder it does need to be labelled with your gymnasts name! 

A lot of gymnasts struggle with tender hands while working with bars. A beginner set of palm guards and sweatbands when they first start might be something you want to consider- you can ask your coach for advice.